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Glass as the next evolution in the speaker industry

See how Ammos redefines the way you experience music and the way you interact with a speaker

A speaker as elegent in design as it is in functionality

From sound-producing glass to a touch interface integrated into a bamboo finish Ammos is designed to the smallest detail to redefine the way we interact with a speaker.

Ammos core values

The magic behind the Ammos speaker is that it uses sophisticated patented technology to produce sound through its glass surface. After years of development, we’ve perfected a radically different approach to speaker technology. By actuating the glass from the bottom it enables the glass to act as a sound-producing membrane similar to that of a speaker cone.


The speaker is an invention that is more than a century old, since then there have been little to no changes in the field of sustainability and innovation. At Ammos we have brought the speaker back to the drawing board to redefine how we experience and interact with a speaker.


The recyclability of speakers has hardly changed over the years, at Ammos we tackle this by only using materials that are easy to recycle.


The Ammos speaker is designed with the principle of Poka-yoke in mind, which means that the whole speaker can be put together with just one Allen key.


Glass and aluminum are some of the best materials in terms of sustainability, this because it is so easy to recycle with more than 90% recyclability and almost no loss of material quality.

Designed for dissasembly

We worked hard to provide a speaker that is not only unique in its functionality, but also in its build quality. Only the highest quality materials have been used, combined with excellent craftsmanship and an approach that we like to call "Designed for disassembly". The speaker uses no glue, only one type of screw, and is fully repairable. Not to mention, fully recyclable as all components can be easily separated.

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